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The power of thankfulness

Just as love is not a kind of action to which we have to put ourselves, but more the constant state of our whole being, so it is with gratitude. Let the gratitude flow through every breath of our breath and every vein of our body.

The statement “be grateful if you have a roof over your head and food every day”, does not help us to really experience the great power of gratitude. In this case, gratitude is more of an anaesthetic and a comforting agent. But gratitude may just be a great creative force in our lives.
We can not force ourselves to be grateful if we are dissatisfied with our lives. But we can learn to separate our lives from the circumstances in which we find ourselves and from there start applying gratitude.

Many make the mistake of equating their lives with their circumstances, their thoughts or physical condition. This is nothing but a state or a phase in which we find ourselves as creatures in time. It can be temporary. But it does not say anything about life itself. Life takes place deep inside of us. That is the life with God himself.

Jesus Christ regularly faced “impossible” situations, such as the death of his best friend and a large crowd that He had to feed. It is special to see how His whole being transformed the power of gratitude into what is possible. He did not address either the circumstances or the bystanders. He thanked God that his friend would live again. He did not focus on the lack of so little food but thanked God for the little that there was and it became a meal that was enough for thousands of people.

When we try to tame the voice of the mind, which is often a voice of doubt and dissatisfaction, through pure consciousness, we have taken a huge step forward. We then learn to detach from ownership, status and worries for the future. When we discover more and more the treasures of inner life, we have discovered the source of gratitude. That source is in the self-awareness. The more we discover how wonderfully beautiful everything is created, the more we take on the role of grateful onlookers and discoverers who never get bored in creation.

The second step is,  not to let us get upset by the bystanders and circumstances. The largest group of people in life on earth are followers. Unfortunately, many are born to take great initiatives and become creative. Because this does not work out well, people are dissatisfied and complaining. One is not aware of the great possibilities in themselves, which are waiting in the earth like a lump of gold. Instead of thanking God for what He gives and has made possible and available, people start complaining and creating expectations to others. This brings a circle of disappointment into their lives.

Faith and unbelief are not opposed to each other. Rather is disbelief a product of not being thankful. The greatest fear of people is not that they can do nothing, but that they discover what they really can do. That fear paralyzes and is fed by dissatisfaction and complaining; lovingly supplemented with doom scenarios and end times theologies.

If we fail to keep a grateful heart, then our thinking is cut off from our goal in life and we become apathetic. Then we are without hope and without faith. Gratitude is a great key to keep our consciousness constantly alert so that our minds can not discourage us. Discouragements that are not dismantled in time turn into thoughts and statements that justify what we feel and experience!

It is important that we fill ourselves enough with beautiful images and thoughts that maintain and encourage gratitude and wonder. Instead of greed and too many thoughts.

Remain grateful for the ordinary. During my morning walks, I always start to give out loud so that my mind does not get the upper hand in that great creation; the birds that whistle their song; the rays of light through the woods …. Let it be ordinary without wanting to comprehend it mentally. Thanks for the ordinary things. Your breakfast, the water from the tap, the dog that greets you cheerfully. Make sure that nothing just becomes ordinary. Experience intense thanks and thus activate pure consciousness above the torments of the mind.