Croatian Country Life

Lockdown or locked up

A temporary ban on freedom of movement, social contacts and doing the things we love and like can feel like we are losing our lives. Many of us have to face the reality of lockdowns at this moment in human history. Many of us cannot wait for this period to end. Some weeks ago I visited a 94-year-old granny who lives on a pension of just 110 euros a month. She has no tv, no radio, no internet. She cannot even read or write. She lives in an old wooden house and has her own garden, four chicken, a wood stove and she loves to knit. That is mostly what her life is about. She had not even heard of corona or lockdowns. Her life just continued like nothing ever happened on this planet. She does not consider herself poor or undeveloped. She is pure and openhearted. I remember some years ago when I visited her that she got badly bitten by a snake. Her arm was swollen. I asked when she went to the doctor. She never goes to the doctor. When the snake had bitten her she dug a hole in the ground and buried her wounded arm in it and just laid there for the rest of the day. ‘Nature will do the rest’ was her remedy. How grounded can you be?

The freedom that we have is making the right choices, not just doing what we want. The freedom that we have is having the internal power to say no to a life of too much wealth, entertainment and possessions and listening to bad news. The freedom that we have is not holding on to a material life but the power to just let it go. The problem of humanity is not a lockdown. The problem of most people is that they are locked up within themselves. We unlock ourselves when we reconnect with creation.

The lady in the picture is that 94-year-old granny. I took her to a restaurant some years ago to celebrate Christmas with some other old people from that area. It was the first time in her life she was in a restaurant. The place was really nothing special and we had a simple 3-course meal with some pancakes as a dessert. Most of the food went into her handbag. She did not know what to do with two sets of forks and knives. After one hour she longed back to her four chicken and she begged me to bring her home. Some of us miss the social life and not having the freedom to go where we want to go. And I am of course concerned about those who cannot open their shop, restaurant or coffee house. But I just want you to ask to pause for a while and think about this story. The real freedom is to live simple, peacefully with some chicken, a garden and a pot on the woodstove. The real freedom is unlocking yourself from a life of materialism. How many of us long for such freedom? The real freedom is not found in pleasure or circumstances. It is inside of us. It needs to be unlocked.

Treat those who have no friends, no money and no status with royal dignity. The real keys to life are hidden in them.

Greetings and blessings René More stories will come.